PowerShell CMDlets

For a list of all the Cmdlets run: Get-Command

PowerShell Cmdlets can be thought of as the commands you are used to running in DOS. These each have a syntax and a help section and usually even a few examples of how to use the Cmdlet. Also in PowerShell you can tab through to get the Cmdlets you are looking for, just type in Get-Ch and press tab and you will get to Get-ChildItem and to get the HELP on this Cmdlet type Get-Help Get-ChildItem. If you want to see an example of syntax of the Cmdlet type –Example at the end.

Get-Help Get-ChildItem -Example


Get-Command helps you find the cmdlets you are looking for and Get-Member helps you get information on that cmdlet. If you want to see the properties and methods of the cmdlet just simply type Cmdlet | Get-Member for example Get-Service | Get-Member . If you just want to see the properties of the CmdLet see example below:

Special Note - Update Your Help !

Use the Update-Help to download and auto install the most up to date help items.

To save help files for offline installation run:

Save-Help -Module * -DestinationPath C:\Shared\UpdateHelp

Copy files to the offline server and place in same directory path
Open PowerShell with "Run AS Administrator"

Update-Help –SourcePath C:\Shared\UpdateHelp

After installing the help files I now get 8 examples of how to use Get-ChildItem:
PowerShell Get-ChildItem